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Looking for a Great Copywriter?

My writing has been featured on the front page or “most popular” section of top sites like:

Dear Business Owner,

If you need more leads, signups and paying customers…  then you’ve come to the right site.

I love to work with entrepreneurs offering a solid service or product… who will quickly profit from an experienced outside perspective on how to better “sell it in writing.” That’s my passion. And if you landed on this page because you’re shopping for a copywriter, you should probably take a minute to read through it and find out:

— How to quickly gain your prospects’ trust
— How to overcome their objections
— How to get more customers without increasing your advertising budget by a cent

So… Who Is This Guy?

denver copywriter Brett Borders

My name is Brett Borders. I’m a Denver copywriter who loves to write. I get inspired and absorbed into a creative zone where time races by at an astonishingly fast pace. I began my journey as a professional copywriter in 2004 at a small ad agency in Portland, Oregon. I wrote direct response ads for over 100 companies around the Pacific NW.

I’ve spent the past few years blogging my way to the very top of Digg and Twitter, while getting into the more technical side of internet marketing. I’ve worked as an SEO and social media consultant for both Denver companies and high-traffic international websites. But my primary love is, and always will be, copywriting!

To speak with me, call (303)506-0165

I live on the west side of Denver (Lakewood) but my writing seems to have a way of going viral and making splash around the world.  My articles have been recommended by the editors or voted onto the home page of some of the internet’s most popular “major league” sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Tweetmeme (the hottest links on Twitter). My best blog posts get hundreds of reader comments – and  I quickly grew my audience to over 8,100 RSS subscribers and 177,000 worldwide visitors per year!

  “Someone who can get attention online and makes things happen…”

If you’re looking for someone who can get attention online and makes things happen (and who isn’t?) Brett is your guy. He understands social media… and how to use words to move the needle on real business goals.”
Brian Clark – CEO & Founder of Copyblogger Media

  “Brett gets it.”

Simply put: Brett gets it. His copy is always engaging, compelling & invokes action.
Chris Winfield, New York, NY – Managing Partner at BlueGlass Interactive, Inc.

What Kind of Copywriter Do You Need?

There are many different types of copywriters: some write witty, “hipster” style ads designed to be ironic or entertaining to the client.  Some do artsy full-page picture ads with a single sentence at the bottom (i.e., “Just Do It“). And some are more like PR gals, corporate communications specialists, resumé writers, grammar teachers or proofreaders.

Then there are ones like me – part salesman and part psychologist – who specialize in writing clear copy that persuades people to take action:  sign up, buy something or call now. I’m an experienced direct response copywriter – an expert at researching your product inside out, finding the most powerful appeal, and then crafting the right words to resonate with your target audience.

If all you need is powerful copy that persuades your audience to take action, I can deliver that. No problem.

The Power of “Conversion Rate Optimization”

But if you are in a competitive market that demands a more scientific approach, I can compete there, too. I’m  skilled at conversion rate optimization — the art of analyzing your web traffic and redesigning graphic elements on your pages to increase the response (or “conversion”) rate. I can install the latest market research and survey tools… to find out exactly why your visitors aren’t converting. Then I’ll craft the copy based on the data I’ve uncovered. Next… I’ll run statistical tests to measure how well the copy I write for you is working. After we measure how the new copy and design is performing, I can make adjustments to increase the response rate even further, with no “guessing” about what worked and what didn’t.

When I first started my business, I was a bit nervous about how highly-saturated the market in my area was. Brett’s copywriting skill and design advice has been key to me establishing a unique position and getting a regular stream of new, interested clients. Just today, I got two calls from new clients who read my website and felt that it was speaking particularly to them!
Rob McWilliams, Boulder, CO

4 Reasons to Choose Me As Your Copywriter

1. I’m incredibly passionate about copywriting.
Copywriting is my passion and primary creative outlet. When I think about headlines, leads and offers… I come alive.  Sparks of light and provocative word sequences dance around in my brain. I read through copywriting manuals and salesletters with the curious excitement of a teenager looking at his first Playboy.

2. I have a well-furnished mind.
Advertising legend David Ogilvy said that he always looked for people with “well-furnished” minds to hire as copywriters – He felt people with a wide variety of life experiences, perspectives and interests are able to see hidden hooks and unique selling propositions that the average person would overlook.  I feel like I’ve got a lot of perspective — but I’ll let you be the judge:

I graduated from the University of Florida summa cum laude, speak Japanese, practice yoga and meditation, have  lived & worked overseas, cook exactingly authentic royal Thai cuisine, backpacked around the world for 2 years straight, wrote some of the hottest viral content on the internet. I’m also a surfer and a “black diamond” snowboarder & mountain biker.

3. I’m a former SEO & social media consultant.
I began professional copywriting in 2004… but in 2007 I got hired by a SEO company who made me a lucrative offer that was hard to refuse.  After a couple years doing keyword research and link building for some international web brands… writing for the top  industry journal Search Engine Land and publishing  some popular and respected internet marketing blogs of my own …   I discovered that the part of SEO and social media work I enjoyed the most was writing about it. So I started to take on more and more copywriting clients.

So when you work with me… you’re not getting an old-fashioned,  one-trick pony who just knows how to write and spellcheck. In addition to working with an adaptable and modern web copywriter… you’re also getting a skilled SEO, link building, social media marketing, blogging and design consultant. Hiring me is like getting three or four experienced consultants for the price of one!

4.  I believe in “karma” and the “golden rule.”
I spent several months trekking across the Himalayan mountains of India and Nepal, where I became deeply impressed by the character of the local people. They believe in “karma” – how you treat others will come back to you. For them, karma isn’t an abstraction or a “good idea” – it’s an unbreakable cosmic law that they base their lives around. It’s the same for me, too. I strive to create good karma, have a “right livelihood” and live by the “golden rule” in all my actions.  Providing excellent customer service and maintaining a good professional reputation is something I take very seriously.

How to Quickly Gain Your Customers’ Trust

If people don’t trust you, they won’t do business with you.

When a prospect first looks at your ad or clicks on your website, they make a split second judgment about how credible you are – based solely on your  design and headline. If they begin to read it and they find an outrageous claim that is difficult to believe  — they’ll think “YEAH RIGHT!” and instantly stop reading. They’ll click away and read your competitor’s site or ad.

A big part of my work is helping clients tweak their website, pictures, copywriting and their offer to generate a maximum level of trust. Small but important details like: having the right pictures, displaying a phone number, customer reviews, the subtle wording of a money-back guarantee, or the text on the “buy” button or order form can make a dramatic difference in the response rate you’ll get.

The most important way to build prospects’ trust is to provide solid proof for your claims. I try to uncover the strongest possible proof elements that demonstrate my clients’ products are effective—and I base my headlines, bullets and copy around that proof. By joining all your claims with proof, you can greatly reduce skepticism and increase the response rate. Contact me if you’d like to brainstorm some ways to increase consumer confidence in your products or services!

How to Overcome Customer Objections

When you are selling to someone face-to-face, they will offer a variety of different objections… or reasons to delay action. A skilled salesperson can smoothly handle and overcome these objections.  When you are selling your product or service  with written,  static copy — you can’t respond “on the fly.”  Effective written salesmanship requires you to research and anticipate all of the possible objections in advance. You then have to address all the main objections in your copy with counter-objections – or else you will lose sales for each objection your website doesn’t overcome.

New “Web 2.0″ technology offers us amazingly effective survey and research tools we can use to find out why — specifically —  your customers aren’t buying. I can use the data mined from these tools to rewrite the copy and handle the specific objections your customers have.  This approach — called data-driven copywriting  – is much more effective than guessing.

How Copywriting Increases Your Profits Without Spending More on Ads

Many businesses waste a shocking amount of money on ineffective advertising. Lets say you run a Google AdWords campaign and only 0.5% of the people who click on your ads end up buying your product. Tired of throwing your ad money down the drain, you hire a copywriter to revamp the page so it addresses your prospects’ desires better, overcomes their objections and has a compelling offer and call to action. You run the ad again and find that now — with the new copy — 2% of the visitors buy the product. In this very common (and realistic) scenario you will increase your profits by 300% –without spending a penny more on advertising.

Why Business Owners & Employees Usually “Fail” at Writing Their Own Copy

As a business manager who is deeply involved with the operations and inside details of your business, you have one significant disadvantage. Working from the inside,  you nearly always develop a set of “blinders” that make it difficult, if not impossible, to see your business as an outsider does. This “marketing myopia” paralyzes large corporations and solo entrepreneurs alike.  If you’d like to speak with an experienced copywriter and marketing consultant who’ll bring a “fresh set of eyes” and can see things like your most skeptical customers do — please contact me.

Brett… puts his passion into his work and it always shows.
Tamar Weinberg,  New York, NY

Would We Be A Good Fit?

If you are keenly interested in increasing the response to your website, newsletter or advertisements… you should contact me. If you understand the value of solid, honest sales copy and the intellectual effort that goes into producing it – you should contact me.

Keep in mind that a good copywriter does not “cost” you any money – they make you money. In exchange for the one-time fee, you get a measurable, powerful marketing makeover that will bring in more customers and increase your monthly revenue — for many years to come.

If “cheap” is far more important than “effective” to you, I’m probably not the right guy. I understand that you might be just starting out, or you may be on a tight budget due to the economy…and I’d like to help, but unfortunately, I don’t have enough time in my schedule. If you absolutely can’t afford a professional copywriter — you might try shopping on Craigslist or an overseas outsourcing site like Guru or eLance.

Also, I generally don’t write for MLM distributors or financial newsletters (because I don’t understand the market well enough).

I might be interested. How can I find out more?

If you think your business might benefit from copywriting and conversion optimization… I invite you to take advantage of a free 30-minute marketing consultation.

Here’s how it works:
Pick up the phone right now and call (303)506-0165. Ask to speak to Brett. If I’m not with a client or driving, I’ll chat with you right now.  We’ll talk about your business, the main selling points, and how your current copy and advertising is working for you. While we’re talking…  I’ll look through your site to get a clearer picture of what you do. Then, I’ll make suggestions about where I think you may be losing business or not communicating your best assets.

If you feel inspired and confident after speaking with me…  then you are welcome to contact me again in the future. If your “gut” feeling says that you should talk to some other writers, then go for it. I respect you enough to let you decide for yourself.

Yes, please contact me for a free copywriting consultation!

I take on just a handful of projects each month. I pick only the jobs where I’m 100% positive that I can help the client increase their business.  So there’s no pressure and there’s nothing to lose.  If I’m not the right guy to help you, I’ll be the first to tell you so.  I know some of the best and brightest minds in the copywriting, conversion, SEO and social media worlds…  and I’ll do my best to suggest someone who might be better able to help you.

If you’re in a hurry and would rather me get in touch with you, please in your details on the form to the right. I will respond to you within one business day.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Very sincerely yours,

Brett Borders
Denver Copywriter & Marketing Consultant